Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit
Takeda Pharmaceuticals cuts work force

As a result of increasing concerns associated with the use of Actos® medication, manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals has been forced to cut its work force. The company announced on January 18, 2011 that 2,800 jobs within the United States and in Europe will be cut as the result of decreasing sales. The company has also purchased Swiss drug company, Nycomed.

The company expects that sales will continue to drop as concerns with Actos increase and the introduction of generic versions of Actos enter the market. They have made plans to cut jobs slowly over the course of four years.

This reduction in Takeda’s workforce will represent about 9% of the company but is expected to help the company save $1.7 billion by March of 2016.

The FDA approved Actos for the treatment of type II diabetes in July of 1999. This once a day pill was designed to aid the body’s sensitivity to insulin and accrued sales of $4.3 billion for Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2010. However, these sales quickly dropped after concerns associated with Actos were actively reported to the FDA.

Generic versions of Actos medication are expected to be released by August of 2013, further reducing sales dollars for Takeda.

Victims who have taken Actos claim that Actos causes bladder cancer and allege that Takeda failed to properly issue sufficient warnings to patients and the medical community.

In September of 2010, the FDA began to review safety concerns of Actos due to interim data from an ongoing ten year study that revealed a link between Actos and bladder cancer. The agency mandated updated warning labels for Actos in the U.S. and the health regulating agency in Europe also mandated new warning labels as well.

Actos lawyers continue to pursue compensation for individuals who have suffered bladder cancer injuries after taking Actos.


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