February 2012

Fosamax Femur Fracture Lawsuit

Fosamax®, Boniva®, and Reclast® lawsuits combined into one MDL

Fosamax, Boniva, and Reclast medications are all included in a class of drugs referred to as “bisphosphonates,” which are designed to strengthen weaken bones.

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

Takeda Pharmaceuticals cuts work force

As a result of increasing concerns associated with the use of Actos® medication, manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals has been forced to cu

Heartburn drugs linked to hip fracture risk

According to AboutLawsuits.com, a new study states that women who take heartburn medications including

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

Actos® lawsuit kept in California state court for California man

In January of 2012, Actos lawsuits filed in California state court were centralized before Los Angeles Superiour Court Judge