Avaira Contact Lens Recall Lawsuit
Teen rushed to the hospital due to torn cornea caused by Avaira contact lenses

According to a report by msnbc.com, Dan O’Neil, a father of a 15 year old teen, says that he had to rush his daughter to the hospital to receive medical treatment after noticing she had a torn cornea and claims that Avaira Toric contact lenses are what caused the injury. Mr. O’Neil states that he knew nothing about the CooperVision lens recall, which ultimately affected 5 million contact lenses, until after his daughter’s eye injury.

CooperVision, the manufacturer of Avaira contact lenses, issued a voluntary recall of 600,000 contact lenses in August of this year. On November 16th, the company was forced to expand their recall to 5,000,000 contacts which includes an extended line of Avaira contacts known as Avaira Sphere. The recall was due to a silicone oil residue found on the lenses. As a result, the contacts did not meet the quality requirements which are set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The affected contact lenses are shown to cause symptoms such as hazy vision, discomfort, and severe eye pain. However, CooperVision claims that not all Avaira contacts lens wearers experience these symptoms. In an effort to have all of the affected contacts lenses recalled, the company has established a Avaira contact lens recall website in which customers are able to search their lot numbers to see if their lenses are included in the recall.

CBS News reported on their website that the FDA felt that the first recall was too muted. Other allegations have been made against CooperVision saying that the company minimized the safety concerns associated with wearing Avaira contact lenses and kept quiet about the true number of contact lenses included in their recall. Though these accusations are being made against the company, Christine Moenich, the Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at CooperVision defends the company in a press release saying “The health and safety of our customers is our top priority.”

Health and safety being a top priority at CooperVision may seem questionable to Mr. O’Neil and his daughter along with the many victims who have suffered from eye injuries due to wearing Avaira contact lenses. Potential lawsuits against CooperVision may arise as more and more victims come forth in complaints against the company.


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