New polypill reduces cholesterol and heart risk for people over 50
  • Thu, 07/19/2012 - 3:15pm

A new polypill aimed at everyone over age 50

A new four-medications-in-one pill created for people over age 50 has proven to decrease blood pressure and cholesterol, according to British researchers.

In a study published Wednesday, they stated the generic pill containing three blood pressure drugs and one cholesterol-lowering medication reduced blood pressure by 12 percent and LDL, or bad, cholesterol by 39 percent.

“While rival polypills have been tried in patients with known cardiovascular risks, David Wald and colleagues at Queen Mary University of London believe there is a good case for everybody over age 50 getting treatment,” stated Fox News.

The site reported that polypill’s creation has been mulled for a decade, but drug makers have not shown much interest due to regulation policies and the fact that developing patentable pills is more profitable. As Fox stated, “[P]rofits to be made from selling a capsule that mixes old off-patent medicines will be modest.”

Trials conducted

The trial studied 84 participants, which is not enough to convince medical professionals of its validity. However, those involved took the polypill for three months and a placebo for three months, not knowing which was which. Participants experienced side effects including muscle aches, but those pains were not severe enough to make the participants stop taking the drug.

Researchers discussed with British regulators what data they should provide in order to get the drug approved, Fox News reported. Now, larger studies with hundreds of participants are being conducted in India, where Cipla manufactured the drug.

The polypill could be well on its way to approval, considering the medications the drug is comprised of are already being prescribed and have proven to decrease heart risk.

The next step

After the trials, and in order for the drug to be approved, a pharmaceutical company would have to partner with Cipla.



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