Tylenol Liver Damage Lawyer
Tylenol® liver damage lawyers seek compensation for victims

Many complaints have been filed against the major drug company Johnson & Johnson, alleging that the main ingredient used in Extra Strength Tylenol®, known as acetaminophen causes liver damage. Liver damage can be a serious and life-threatening condition and could lead to liver failure which may require a liver transplant.  Acetaminophen is used in many popular over the counter medications because of its ability to relieve pain and reduce fever.

Recently, a Puerto Rican native and her family filed a Tylenol liver damage lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson. She alleges that the drug caused her to suffer from liver damage due to acetaminophen. The case was filed earlier this month by Michelle Ann Gonzalez Soto and her family after she was left with permanent injuries which caused her to undergo a liver transplant.

According to reports filed by transplant surgeons, signs of acetaminophen were found in her liver, which ultimately led to her liver failure. Although Ms. Soto was able to receive a liver transplant, she will be taking medication for the rest of her life.

The FDA states that acetaminophen overdose is the leading cause of liver failure in the United States. More than 50,000 emergency visits, 25,000 hospitalizations, and over 450 deaths occur annually.

In June 2011, Johnson & Johnson released a statement on its website announcing a voluntary recall of Tylenol Extra Strength caplets, which were distributed in the U S and in July 2011, Johnson & Johnson lowered dosage recommendations and agreed to label Tylenol products with stronger warnings including Tylenol liver failure.

A growing number of people are now pursuing Tylenol liver damage lawsuits after developing liver damage, raising similar allegations that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn about the known risks associated with acetaminophen.




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