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Johnson & Johnson reduces Tylenol dosage requirements

Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson announced that they have decided to reduce the maximum daily dosage amounts of Extra Strength Tylenol pain reliever in an attempt to lower overdose risks of acetaminophen, Tylenol’s main ingredient. The company’s original dosage amount of 4,000 mg has been reduced to 3,000 mg a day or a reduction from 8 to 6 pills a day.

Acetaminophen is a commonly used ingredient in many painkillers including Extra Strength Tylenol. However, studies have shown that when taken in increased increments, the drug may cause liver damage. Liver damage can be a serious and life-threatening condition and could lead to liver failure which may require a liver transplant.   Many consumers are unaware that taking multiple pain relief mediations increases the risk for overdosing acetaminophen.

According to McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the change in dosage requirements will occur only in the United States. In 2009, a panel of advisors to the Food and Drug Administration called for stronger restrictions to prevent accidental and sometimes fatal overdoses of acetaminophen, which is the most widely used painkiller in the U.S.

Dr. Edwin Kuffner, McNeil's head of over-the-counter medical affairs, said in a statement “Acetaminophen is safe when used as directed."

Acetaminophen is responsible for about 200 fatal overdoses every year in the U.S. along with a reported 56,000 check-ins to the emergency room annually.

Many complaints have been filed against the major drug company Johnson & Johnson, alleging that the acetaminophen causes liver damage. As a result of these side effects, a growing number of people are now pursuing Tylenol liver damage lawsuits. Each victim raises similar allegations that Johnson & Johnson failed to adequately warn about the known risks associated with acetaminophen.

Other pharmaceuticals who manufacture painkillers with acetaminophen are expected to also lower dosage requirements as the number of accidental acetaminophen overdoses occur.


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